Online Class: Turkish with a Native Speaker (Starter Level)
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Online Class: Turkish with a Native Speaker (Starter Level)

by Eton Institute

1,645 AED

(VAT inclusive)

Online Class: Turkish with a Native Speaker (Starter Level)

1,645 AED

(VAT inclusive)

Eton Institute
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Dubai - Online Class
Cancellation Policy: 48 hours prior to course start with full refund
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Interested in traveling or looking for professional opportunities around the Balkan peninsula? Learn the Turkish language in this interactive group class!

This 30-hour Turkish Language course for beginners will teach you the fundamentals of the Turkish language in all four skills: reading, listening, writing and speaking. You will be taught by qualified native instructors who adopt various interactive immersion techniques to help you understand the language and practice your skills in a friendly, motivating environment.

By the end of the online course, you will be able to communicate confidently and effectively in Turkish, including engaging in daily conversations, talking about your daily routine, and writing an email or a simple text. With continuous practice, you will be able to achieve fluency.

Course Outline:

  • Turkish alphabets
  • Writing basic Turkish vocabulary & sentences
  • Proper pronunciation
  • Grammar rules & patterns
  • Common structures & sentence patterns
  • Common expressions, phrases, & greetings
  • Conversational starters & replies

Benefits of Learning Turkish:

  • Improve Job Prospects: Turkey is one of the biggest trade partners of the UAE. Knowledge of the language can help increase your work options both within and outside the country.
  • Discover Turkish Culture and History: By learning the Turkish language, you can appreciate the country‚Äôs folk music, its literature and cinema; and familiarize yourself with the mighty Ottoman empire, its intricate architecture and history.
  • Travel: Turkish is spoken predominantly in Turkey but is also understood in parts of other countries such as Cyprus, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece, Azerbaijan and Romania. If you can speak the language, you can enhance your travel experience and discover new places.

Skill Level:



* Course materials will be sent to students as a soft copy via email

Cancellation Policy:

48 hours prior to course start with full refund

Age Requirements:

18 and older

Additional Info:

* A one-time registration fee of AED 157.50 (VAT incl.) is to be paid to the institute via a direct payment link which will be sent to the student by email
* Students under the age of 18 have to provide a letter from their parents authorizing their enrolment.
* Upon booking this course, you will be contacted by your instructor, who will send you the link to the online web portal where the class will take place.


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2 ratings

Shabeeha Rana
Wed, 15 Apr 2020, 9:52PM
"Good instructions and good pace "
Blanca Lopez
Thu, 28 Nov 2019, 12:01PM
"Great Instructor"