Advanced Excel Training
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Advanced Excel Training

by Learners Point

760 AED

(VAT inclusive)

Advanced Excel Training

760 AED

(VAT inclusive)

Learners Point
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Flexible Dates
Dubai - Bur Dubai
Intermediate & Advanced
Validity Period: All sessions are valid for 60 days upon booking
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Learn how to crunch data and get quick solutions to advanced problems with this Advanced Microsoft Excel training course.

The course is conceptualized to build the skills required to use pivot tables, audit and analyze worksheet data, utilize data tools, collaborate with others, and create and manage macros. With 9 sessions of 2 hours each, learn to use advanced features like formulas, analyze data, and get simple solutions to complex questions.

Course Objective:

The purpose of this course is to provide students the necessary skills to use Advanced functions of MS Excel in the workplace as an analysis and presentation tool, above and beyond the average skill level of most users thus making the student more effective in their workplace and also an attractive candidate in the job market.

Detailed Course Outline:

  • Lesson 1: Using Custom & Conditional Formats
    • Reasons for Using Custom Format
    • Understanding Conditional Formatting
    • Managing the Conditional Format Rules
    • Changing the Conditional Formatting Rules
    • Locating Cells with Conditional Formatting
    • Working with Conditional Formatting
  • Lesson 2: Using Range Names
    • Assigning Names to Groups of Cells
    • Managing Named Range
    • Using Names in Formulas

  • Lesson 3: Using Formulas & Functions
    • Understanding Formulas & Functions
    • Quick Way to Insert a Function
    • Viewing the Formulas (and not the results)
    • How to Delete Values and not Formulas
    • Create a Relative & Absolute Reference
    • Working with Logical Functions
    • Using SUMIF and COUNTIF Functions
    • Working with Text Functions
    • Working with Date and Time Functions
    • Working with Lookup Functions
    • Understanding VLOOKUP Function
  • Lesson 4: Managing, Sorting & Filtering Tables
    • Create and Modify Tables
    • Sorting and Filtering Data in a Table
    • Getting Summary Information in a Table
    • Calculate Total Row in a Table
    • Display Special Formatting for First/Last Column
    • Outline a List of Data
    • Validating Data During Entry
    • Working with Database Functions
    • Using Advanced Filters in Excel 2016
    • Quick Analysis With New Features of Excel 2016
  • Lesson 5: Working with Charts in Excel 2016
    • Summarizing Data Visually Using Charts
    • Creating a Chart Quickly
    • Changing the Chart Type
    • Customizing Chart Data
    • Show or Hide Chart Gridlines
    • Creating a Pie Chart
    • Saving the Chart as a Template
    • Creating Combination Charts
    • Using The New Pareto Chart Functionality
    • Using Recommended Charts Effectively
  • Lesson 6: Working with Pivot Tables
    • What is a Pivot Table
    • Anatomy of a Pivot Table
    • How does a Pivot Table Works
    • Create a Basic Pivot Table Report
    • Rearranging a Pivot Table Report
    • Customizing a Pivot Table
    • Changing Summary Calculations
    • Adding and Removing Subtotals
    • Sorting in a Pivot Table
    • Filtering in a Pivot Table
    • Create Report Filter Pages
    • Using Slicers in Pivot Table
    • Working with Pivot Chart
  • Lesson 7: Working with Shared Workbooks
    • Working in a Group Environment
    • Sharing Workbooks in Excel
    • Commenting in Cells
    • Tracking Changes in Workbooks
    • Accepting or Rejecting Changes
    • Keeping a Backup of your Changes
  • Lesson 8: Working with Multiple Workbooks
    • Linking to Other Workbook
    • Consolidating Multiple Sets of Data
    • Consolidate Multiple Worksheets
  • Lesson 9: Protecting Your Worksheet and Workbook
    • Protecting Your Worksheet
    • Protecting Your Formulas
    • Protecting Your Workbook
    • Save Your Workbook with Password
    • Encrypting your Workbook
  • Lesson 10: Working with Excel Macros
    • Recording & Testing a Macro
    • Using the Developer Tab
    • Create a Macro
    • Relative and Absolute Recording
    • Testing the Macro
    • Running and Deleting Macros
    • Using a Shortcut key
    • Placing a Macro on the Quick Access Toolbar
    • Short Introduction to Macro Programming in
    • Excel 2016
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Skill Level:

Intermediate & Advanced


All materials will be provided

Validity Period:

All sessions are valid for 60 days upon booking

Age Requirements:

18 and older

Additional Info:

* Students will receive a KHDA accredited certificate at the end of the course
* The class size may vary between 1-5 persons, depending on your preferred timings & availability of other students.


The Business Center, Suite #610
Opp. Burjuman Centre, Adjacent to Burjuman Metro Station Exit 4
Bur Dubai

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