Online Class: 10X Sales Mastery for CEOs, Entrepreneurs & Sales Managers

Online Class: 10X Sales Mastery for CEOs, Entrepreneurs & Sales Managers

by RoofTop Sales

1,035 AED

(VAT inclusive)

Online Class: 10X Sales Mastery for CEOs, Entrepreneurs & Sales Managers

1,035 AED

(VAT inclusive)

Mon, 26 Apr 2021 6:00PM + 2 dates
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Dubai - Online Class
All Levels
Cancellation Policy: 48 hours prior to course start with full refund
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​​​​​This online course is aimed at professionals who want to build on their knowledge and skills in sales and marketing. Alifiya Sura, a professional and experienced sales coach will give you in-depth knowledge and tips on sales strategies and the right way to approach your customers and target audiences.

The seminar will cover a wide range of today's relevant topics, market needs and how to improve your product/service to learning new concepts and strategies to boost your sales and business.

Course Outline:

  • 10X Sales Mastery Curriculum
    • Taking responsibility for your sales performance.
    • The Art of Influence – Customer is always right is a myth.
    • The Art of Pressure and how to get people into making sales decisions.
    • Art of Selling Yourself – don’t just sell products sell yourself.

    • High Profile clients and how to deal with them.
    • Making your potential customers understand they have a problem.. and you have a solution to their problem.
    • Understand your Customer – what you say means nothing, what the customer believes means everything.
    • 5 principles of successful sales people.
    • How to turn your weaknesses into strength.
    • Closing more sales without using discounts to leverage.
    • Making the job of a sales person more easy – how to reduce friction and pain points.
    • How to Differentiate yourself from competitors.
    • The Power of Authenticity and how to apply it in sales.
    • The complete guide to storytelling.
    • The complete guide to Goal Setting for Salespeople.
    • Sales Projections and other Sales Hacks to achieve more.
    • Aiming Higher as a Salesperson.5 rule to achieve sales goals.
    • How to Identify your target audience.
    • The Complete Guide to mapping out your sales calls – in advance.
    • How to prioritize and develop a focus.How to analyze market trends from the past years and whether to follow them.
    • Why you have problems with your sales strategies & how to solve them.
    • Why small markets are so easy to move into – start with small markets and dominate them.
    • Master your Value proposition.
    • Universal Power of Referrals.
    • The power of Relevancy.
    • Testing Perception versus reality.
  • Sales Management for CEOs, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs
    • Sales Management – Agreeing on a Mutual Goal with your Team.
    • The Complete Guide on Customer Acquisition Cost.
    • Finding out why Clients Leave You.
    • How to Increase the Overall Sales Per Customer.How to Generate Massive Team Sales.
    • Understanding What Makes Your Team Tick.
    • Is your sales team passionate about their goals?
    • Treat your sales people like an investment.
    • Building trust amongst Your team.
    • Why Market Competition is the only Competition.Skills & Strategy – How to Teach Them in Your Sales Training.Why Motivation is Subjective, and not Objective.
    • Mentoring Hacks – Why you need a Mentor.
    • How to achieve Sales Automation?
    • What is a Sales Conversion Funnel?
    • How to Optimize your Conversion Funnel?
    • Master the art of Followups.When to say no!
  • B2B Sales Fundamentals
    • What You Have To Learn About Your Buyer and Why?
    • Talktime – How Much Should You Talk and About What.
    • Who you Should Talk to and Why.
    • How to Present Your Company.Why It is Better to Handle an Objection and How to.
    • What to Know About the Risk in Your Conversation.How to Minimize the Risk.
    • Why you should Stay Focused on Positive Aspects.
    • The Secrets of Inspiring the Buyers.
    • How Collaboration Tricks Rule the Game.What Buyers think About Winning Sellers.
  • B2C Sales Fundamentals – Become a better Salesperson
    • Mindset “why you have to believe”
    • The art to use the right Questions.
    • Why it is important to show the value of a product.
    • Put your customer’s shoes on!
    • What´s in your mind when you are closing a deal?
  • Best Outcomes from the Workshop
    • Get more clients
    • Get higher paying clients
    • Get clients to pay you more
    • Applying NLP in communication
    • Effective Sales Pipeline Management
    • Method of effective sales measurement
    • How to do business with people that are more successful than you
    • How to create an unbeatable Unique Selling Proposition
    • Skills to deal with halt, fear of buying of customers
    • Skills to deal with customer objections
    • Attract great talent and team members to grow your business
    • Emotional control skills when working with clients
    • Fast and effective closing skills
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Skill Level:

All Levels


All materials will be provided

Cancellation Policy:

48 hours prior to course start with full refund

Age Requirements:

23 - 55 years old

Additional Info:

  • For a 2 person booking, a buy one get one free offer is available. If interested, please call 8003337.


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