Create Your Money Mantra

Create Your Money Mantra

by Niche Consulting by Nishi

1,000 AED

(VAT inclusive)

Create Your Money Mantra

1,000 AED

(VAT inclusive)

Every Sat
Online Class
All Levels
Validity Period: All sessions are valid for 60 days upon booking
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Here is an online session for you to know the ways to keep those bucks flowing in or retaining it. If finances and money managing are not your strong points, then this program will teach you where to strengthen your decisions to make sure your financial state doesn't drop.

Aimed at individuals of all types from business owners and employees, this program will show you how to manage your income and expenses to have a steady or increased cash flow.

Objectives of the program

  • 360 Development on money mindset
  • Train yourself with the Language that attracts money
  • Create new income-generating opportunities with new belief systems
  • Habitual new actions & behaviors changing from frugality to luxury
  • Influential decision making with 100% correct investment decisions
  • Elevating money values to create "money focus"
  • Instant transformational affirmations manifesting dreams
  • Attracting blessings through the art of gratitude
  • Blend of logic and feeling in decision making
  • Personality and postures that enhance money growth

What you will learn?

  • Assess your Money status
    • Identify and Rate yourself in all sections of the Money wheel. Learn you're strong and weak areas of Money earning, retention & growth
  • 10X your wealth
    • Your knowledge through this program will 10X your wealth through controlling the cost, money leakages, and growth of Money
  • Upgrade your Money Skills
    • You learn investment skills, decision-making skills, create emotional strength for money, right money language & money beliefs
  • Earn, Save, and Growmore money
    • You learn the 360 work on the money of attracting more through opportunities, save through cost control and grow through investment knowledge
  • Remove negative emotions for Money
    • You are able to remove the strong negative emotions of Fear and Anxiety related to money
  • Create a love relationship with Money
    • You love and protect your money. Your language, emotions, and belief system reflects your love for wealth and abundance
  • Make 100% correct decisions
    • You learn the 4 step decision-making model to make correct decisions
  • Take the right money actions and behaviors
    • You create a High Money value system and remove belief systems that take you away from the money
  • Learn positive Money language
    • Learn the positive words to use and not to use words to bring money to yourself
  • Successful Model of Change
    • You will learn a 9 box niche model of change. You will be able to change any challenge you enter into this Box

Detailed Course Outline:

  • Session 1 - Money Assessment
    • Gap Analysis to identify the money blockages
      Identifying Money strengths and enhance them
      Techniques to identify the money holes through psychometric assessment
  • Session 2 - Money Values
    • Assess the Money value in your life
    • Elevate the Money value to a higher level
    • Remove the Money blockages
  • Session 3 - Money Relationships
    • Your Speak-Feel-Do
    • Story for Money
    • Language of Money Attraction
    • Emotional relationship with Money
    • Actions and Behaviours leading to Money attraction
    • NLP Techniques for Money Attraction
  • Session 4- Affirmations & Gratitutde
    • Science of affirmation
    • The technique for Habit of gratitude
    • Manifest dreams to reality with daily practice
  • Session 5 - Personality Type & Decision Making
    • Know your innate preferred
    • personality through MBTI
    • Learn the science behind the unique personality type
    • Learn the right decision-making model to apply to all your money decisions
    • Learn why you do what you do and how it impacts the money
    • Change your behaviors to suit the situation
    • Create success In all situations working with your personality type
  • Session 6 - Belief Systems
    • Identify Thoughts & Belief Systems
    • Change old belief systems
    • Applying techniques for money attracting belief systems
  • Session 7 - Model of Change
    • Change the Money blockers to
    • Money enhancers through
    • ‘Model of Change’
    • Create your Money energy
    • Create goals that drive your soul and energize them
    • Measure and follow up through self- coaching model
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Skill Level:

All Levels


All materials will be provided

Validity Period:

All sessions are valid for 60 days upon booking

Age Requirements:

21 and older


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