Online Class: Human Resources - Advanced Concept

Online Class: Human Resources - Advanced Concept

by Iris Management Consultant

4,800 AED

(VAT inclusive)

Online Class: Human Resources - Advanced Concept

4,800 AED

(VAT inclusive)

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This private 6-hour online course on ‘Human Resource’ focus and revolve around the concepts that directly impact the revenue and profitability targets of business organizations. You will learn everything from employee performance evaluation to planning.

Who Should Attend?

Suitable for those working in HR and wants to get a deeper knowledge of handing the human resources department or for those who want to start a career in HR.

Bespoke Session Framework:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Balanced Score Card
  • Performance Management

Key Learnings:

  1. Performance Management
  2. Balanced Score Card
  3. Strategic Planning

Key Learning in Detail:

1. Performance Management

  • What is Performance Management?
  • Purpose of Performance Management
  • What are the Benefits of Performance Management?
  • Drivers of Performance Management

  • The six-step process for Performance management
  • The 5 stage process for the formulation of key responsibility areas
  • Checklist for Performance Management Process
  • Considerations for devising the overall vision for the organization
  • Leadership style theory for developing the vision of the organization
  • 5 critical behaviors for healthy corporate culture
  • 13 point checklist for performance management template
  • 15 points of general information for performance management
  • The 5 stage kra design process - KRAs - KRA Formulation
  • Designing of KRA template – Goals & Behaviors
  • Rating Scores to be utilized – Description
  • Core competencies required for Performance Management – The Michigan and Ohio basic style theory – For Leaders (Type of Leadership concept related to competency)
  • Competency required for Performance Management?
  • Giving and Receiving feedback by superiors
  • Performance Management Checklist
  • Basic and advanced features of Performance Management
  • Models and tools of Performance Management –
  • Management By Objective with the advantages and disadvantages
  • 360 Degree Feedback with its advantages and disadvantages
  • Nine box model with its advantages and disadvantages- How can be Performance Management be Linked to Compensation?
  • What is the Basic data required for Performance Management?
    • Qualitative
    • Quantitative
  • Formats of Performance Management?
  • How frequently can Performance Management be done?
  • How can Performance Management be done for Large and Small Organization?
  • Implementation factors to be considered for performance management
  • Limitations while implementing Performance Management
  • A quick summary on the approach process and tools

2. Balanced Score Card

  • Definition Balanced Scorecard
  • What is Business Performance
  • A coherent view of business performance
  • How does balanced scorecard assess the business performance
    • The Characteristics of Balanced Scorecard &
    • The four perspectives of the balanced scorecard,
    • Detailed descriptions of the four elements/perspectives of Balanced Scorecard
  • Financial Perspective -
    • What does Revenue
    • Expenses
    • Net Income
    • Cash Flow
    • Asset Value means
  • Customer Satisfaction-
    • What does Customer Satisfaction
    • Customer Retention
    • Market Share
    • Meaning: Brand Strength mean
    • Positive brand strength
    • Negative brand strength
    • Factors related to brand strength – brand perception, brand awareness, brand loyalty, brand association, market share
  • Employee Satisfaction
    • What is Employee Satisfaction
    • Employee turnover
    • Employee Skills, Employee Education
  • Internal Process perspective
    • What is Inventory
    • Orders
    • Resource Allocation
    • Cycle Time
    • Quality Control
  • How to make balanced scorecard for the organization
    • Points to be kept in mind while creating Balanced Scorecard for Business
    • How to use a Balanced Scorecard
  • The 5 aspects for designing the balanced scorecard for an organization
    • Why use the balanced scorecard
    • What is balanced scorecard’s usage
  • Advantages of the balanced scorecard,
  • Disadvantages or limitations of the balanced scorecard,
  • Types of insights from balanced scorecard
    • Independent reflections and the ways data or insights from balanced scorecard can further be utilized for improving business performance
    • How does the financial perspective assist in evaluation of business performance
    • Reflections for business from a financial perspective,
    • How does the customer perspective assist in the evaluation of business performance
    • Reflections for business from customer perspective
    • How does the employee perspective assist in evaluation of business performance
    • Reflections for business from an employee perspective
    • How does the internal process perspective assist in the evaluation of business performance
    • Reflections for business from an internal process perspective,
  • Effectivity / Effectiveness of Balanced Scorecard,
  • DATA for BSC,
  • When BSC can be used,
  • What Facts should be kept in mind while devising the balanced scorecard Or
    • What Mistakes to be avoided while designing the Balanced scorecard?
    • 7 mistakes to be avoided while designing the balanced scorecard
  • 7 point checklist for designing Balanced Scorecard

3. Strategic Planning

  • What is Strategic Planning,
  • Why is Strategic Planning important
  • The 5 Benefits of Strategic Planning
  • 5 Elements of Strategic Business Planning
  • 3 Different Levels of Strategy
  • Corporate strategy
    • Expansion
    • Stability
    • Retrenchment
    • Renewal
    • 4 Pillars or Components of Corporate strategy
  • Business Strategy
    • Cost Leadership Strategy
    • Differentiation Strategy
    • Focus Strategy
  • Operations / Functional or tactical strategy
    • Finance
    • Marketing
    • HR
    • Production
    • Research & development
  • Approaches to Strategy Planning Or How Strategy Planning Should be done,
  • Word Strategy process
  • 7 Stage Strategy planning process – The seven stages of strategic planning
    • Tips to use Seven Stage strategic planning process
  • Models for Strategic Planning
  • The Boston Consulting Group Matrix Model
    • How to use / Tips to Use BCG
    • Questions to ask for Usage of BCG
  • Porter’s Five forces
    • How to Use it Or Tips to use
    • Questions to ask
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Scenario Planning
    • “What to Do” and “How to Do” of Scenario Planning
    • Questions to ask self
  • Summing up the Models – Strategic Planning
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Skill Level:

All Levels


All materials will be provided

Validity Period:

All sessions are valid for 60 days upon booking

Age Requirements:

18 and older

Additional Info:

* Certificate of completion will be given for an additional AED 50
* Class has a 30-minute break


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