Learn Kung Fu! (MBZ)
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Learn Kung Fu! (MBZ)

by Winner Karate

520 AED

(VAT inclusive)

Learn Kung Fu! (MBZ)

520 AED

(VAT inclusive)

Winner Karate
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Every Mon, Wed
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Abu Dhabi - Mohammed Bin Zayed City
All Levels
Validity Period: All sessions are valid for 60 days upon booking
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Learn one of the most popular, cooler and ancient fighting style that is practiced worldwide - Kung fu! It is one of the best martial arts to be used for attack and defense in dangerous situations all while getting your body into shape.

Wushu, which is also referred to as kung-fu has techniques that go back to 5000 years. Wushu fighting style will not just teach your kids attack and defense, it will help them to cultivate the body, mind, and spirit to become a better and confident individual. With that, the essence of the character Wu is to stop conflict and promote peace.

The practice of Wushu not only develops a strong and healthy body but you will also develop a strong mind and high moral values, as the practice focuses on "Wu De" or martial ethics.

Skill Level:

All Levels


* Students must bring Kung Fu uniform, gloves, and bag or they can purchase from the institute for an additional AED 175

Validity Period:

All sessions are valid for 60 days upon booking

Age Requirements:

15 and older

Additional Info:

* Students must attend an examination and receive a certificate to advance to the next belt
* Examination can be taken for an additional fee ranging from AED 200-600 depending on your current belt (must be paid at the institute)
* A one-time registration fee of AED 175 must be paid to the institute


Shabiya 9 Building
Mohammed Bin Zayed City
Abu Dhabi

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