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Make-up & beauty courses in Abu Dhabi

Make-up & beauty courses in Abu Dhabi
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Makeup Lessons available on skilldeer 

Why should I take a makeup course? 

Makeup is a form of self-expression and artistry that has been used by humans for centuries. It is used to enhance one's natural beauty, to create a certain look, or to transform oneself completely. Makeup can range from simple and subtle to bold and dramatic, and can be used for a variety of occasions and purposes. Here are some of the different styles of makeup: 

  1. Natural Makeup: This style of makeup is meant to enhance one's natural features and create a fresh-faced, effortless look. It typically includes neutral or nude shades for the eyes, a light application of foundation or tinted moisturizer, and a subtle flush of color on the cheeks and lips. 
  2. Glam Makeup: Glam makeup is all about making a bold statement. It often involves a full coverage foundation, dramatic eye makeup with false lashes, and bold lip colors such as red or dark berry shades. 
  3. Smoky Eye Makeup: This style of makeup focuses on creating a dark, smoky effect around the eyes using a combination of dark eyeshadows and eyeliner. It is often paired with a nude lip color and a flawless complexion. 
  4. Retro Makeup: Retro makeup is inspired by the beauty trends of past decades, such as the 1920s, 1950s, and 1960s. It often includes bold winged eyeliner, bright red or pink lipstick, and a defined brow. 
  5. Creative Makeup: This style of makeup is all about creativity and experimenting with bold colors, textures, and shapes. It can include graphic eyeliner designs, glitter accents, and unconventional lip colors. 
  6. Minimalist Makeup: Minimalist makeup is a pared-down version of natural makeup that focuses on enhancing one's features without appearing too made-up. It typically includes a light coverage foundation or tinted moisturizer, a touch of blush, and a sheer lip color. 

In conclusion, makeup is a versatile and ever-evolving art form that allows individuals to express themselves in unique and creative ways. From natural to bold, retro to creative, there is a makeup style out there for everyone to explore and enjoy. 

The UAE makeup scene is thriving and boasts influences from both Arab and Western culture. Social media is filled with iconic makeup looks originating from this dynamic country.  

Why book at skilldeer? 

Our platform hosts a range of courses for your beauty needs so don’t worry about searching for “makeup artist classes”, “makeup artist classes near me”, “makeup courses evening classes”, “online makeup classes”, “makeup courses abu dhabi”, “makeup courses in abu dhabi” - you have it all here! 

What are the different classes you offer? 

Start with the following: 

Natural Makeup: If you want to learn how to apply day to day makeup, our instructors will guide you through the process and how to maintain your look throughout the day. You can also go for a more Indian, Western or Arab style of natural makeup to fit your interests. 

Evening Makeup: For a nice night out, discover the look to turn heads and give you a boost of confidence! You’ll learn iconic eye makeup that accentuates your eyes and taps into your creativity. 

Bridal Makeup: For your special day, learn how to apply timeless makeup that shows you at your very best! 

What kind of classes are available? 

Our platform ensures that you pick the classes that match your requirements. You can find private makeup courses with one-on-one instruction or group classes regardless of age where you can learn alongside friends and make new connections. There are also group classes available.  

It’s never too late to be a better you. 

Where are your classes available at? 

Our classes are available at a variety of locations across the UAE, especially Abu Dhabi. Many of our classes are held either in group settings or at the comfort of your home, either through the instructor visiting your home or attending makeup classes from our platform! These locations include Al Zahiyah, Al Danah and more! 

Didn’t find what you’re looking for? 

We’re sorry to hear that but don’t worry! You can always book a private class to learn specialized makeup courses. Our customer care team can also help you find the right class. You can contact us at [email protected] for more information. We look forward to hearing from you soon!