Healthy & Nutritious Cooking: Salad, Stir Fry & Pot Pie
2 ratings

Healthy & Nutritious Cooking: Salad, Stir Fry & Pot Pie

by Chef Charl Reze

570 AED

(VAT inclusive)

Healthy & Nutritious Cooking: Salad, Stir Fry & Pot Pie

570 AED

(VAT inclusive)

Chef Charl Reze
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Flexible Dates
Abu Dhabi - Al Zahiyah
Beginner & Intermediate
Validity Period: All sessions are valid for 30 days upon booking
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In this 4-hour private class, the focus will be on cooking to a specific nutrient and calorie goal. Selected recipes and cooking methods will reduce nutrient loss by providing meals with specific amounts of macro and micronutrients to fulfill a specific dietary requirement. Under the guidance of a professional chef, you will learn how to prepare these wholesome and delicious meals to perfection.

You will make the following:

  • Sesame, Ginger & Quinoa Salad
  • Chicken and Asparagus Lemon Stir fry
  • Scrambled Egg on Whole Wheat Toast
  • Cauliflower Pot Pies

This class is suitable for kids as well as adults of all levels. Feel free to come on your own or with your family/friends for a fun day of exploring healthy and nutritious cuisine. At the end of the class, you will take your delicious creations back home!

About the Instructor:

Chef Charl Fernand Reze (a.k.a. Chef Islam) is a professional chef and culinary arts trainer, who strives to help industry professionals and aspiring cooks unlock their food passion. With a degree in International Culinary Arts and 3 decades of experience, Charl believes food to be one of the ultimate human experiences. He is trained in HACCP and COSHH, and has worked at award-winning international restaurants around the globe.

Skill Level:

Beginner & Intermediate


  • Ingredients will be provided
  • Notepad and pens will be provided
  • Students are advised to bring their own aprons

Validity Period:

All sessions are valid for 30 days upon booking

Age Requirements:

7 and older

Additional Info:

  • Certificates will be provided upon completion

  • Students between ages 7-17 are recommended to bring a parent/guardian


Sajway Restaurant - Building
Level 01
Mariot Kitchen Office
Al Firdous St, Al Zahiyah E13
Al Zahiyah
Abu Dhabi

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2 ratings

Iain Shipman
Thu, 12 Aug 2021, 11:09AM
Ayesha Alafeefi
Wed, 17 Feb 2021, 4:43PM
"I enjoyed it, was a gift for my sisters birthday and we had a good time"