American Sign Language - Level 1
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American Sign Language - Level 1

by Eton Institute

1,935 AED

(VAT inclusive)

American Sign Language - Level 1

1,935 AED

(VAT inclusive)

Eton Institute
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Abu Dhabi - Ministries Complex
Cancellation Policy: 48 hours prior to course start with full refund
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Learn the American Sign Language, a non-verbal form of communication, and communicate with people from all around the world!

This 26-hour course for beginners will teach you the grammar, vocabulary and skills needed by learners at this level. This course introduces the fundamental elements of American Sign Language within a cultural context. Emphasis is placed on the development of basic expressive and receptive skills. By the end of the course, students will be able to comprehend and respond with grammatical accuracy in expressing ASL. Instructors adopt various interactive immersion techniques to help you understand the language and practice your skills in a friendly and motivational environment.

By the end of the course, participants will be better able to:

  • To learn proper greetings and farewells in ASL
  • To introduce yourself and others
  • To learn basic ASL sentence structure
  • To ask and answer questions
  • To learn how to interact appropriately with Deaf people
  • To learn the role of facial expressions and non-manual signals

Course Outline:

  • Introduction to ASL
  • Signing Space & Question Keys
  • Manual Alphabet
  • Time of the day
  • Family Members
  • Pronouns
  • Person Markers / Occupations
  • Home & Action Verbs
  • Prepositions & Key Locations
  • Medical Signs
  • Initialize Signs
  • Food & Eating
  • Numbers
  • Days of the week
  • Name of the months
  • Colors
  • Signs of the countries and learners country of origin
  • Signs of the UAE (United Arab Emirates)

Skill Level:



* Course materials can be purchased at the institute for AED 315 (VAT Incl.)

Cancellation Policy:

48 hours prior to course start with full refund

Age Requirements:

17 and older

Additional Info:

* Students must attend at least 75% of the course and pass the Progress Test in order to receive a free Certificate of Completion at the end of each level or a Letter of Attendance for a sub-level
* A one-time registration fee of AED 157.50 (VAT incl.) is to be paid at the institute.
* Students under the age of 18 have to provide a letter from their parents authorizing their enrolment.


Park Rotana Building, 2nd Floor, #2454
Ministries Complex
Abu Dhabi

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