Basic Makeup Training Course
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Basic Makeup Training Course

by Kontar Beauty and Training Centre

4,750 AED

(VAT inclusive)

Basic Makeup Training Course

4,750 AED

(VAT inclusive)

Flexible Dates
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Abu Dhabi - Al Zahiyah
Validity Period: All sessions are valid for 4 months upon booking
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Do you want to turn your natural talent for makeup into a job that is both enjoyable and lucrative? Then come to this makeup course to learn all the makeup fundamentals from professional makeup artists and salon experts and become a licensed cosmetologist.

This 20-hour (10 sessions x 2 hours) makeup beginner program will introduce you to the art of makeup, giving you the chance to experiment with applying makeup to different skin types, skin tones, face shapes, eye colors, and different ages. You will learn which techniques best match your clients' needs and how to build a lasting professional relationship with them.

This course is suitable for complete beginners who want to learn how to apply flawless makeup as well as makeup artists who wish to receive professional training and get certified. To ensure proper attention is given to each participant, classes are given individually or in small groups with up to 3 participants depending on your availability and time preference.

Course Agenda:

  • Preparation
  • Hygiene
  • Tools and sterilization
  • Reception
  • Makeup is a visual trick
  • Color theory
  • Eyebrows technique
  • Skin preparation
  • Eyes makeup
  • Makeup to change the eyes shape
  • Lips makeup

Detailed Course Outline:

  • Preparation
    • Working station
    • Work and preparation

  • Hygiene
    • Cleanliness of the place
    • Appearance and personal hygiene
  • Tools and sterilization
    • Definition of the tools and their uses
    • Sterilization of the tools after use
    • Use and maintenance of tools respecting healthy rules
  • Reception
    • Reception manners and preparation of the client
    • Creating a mutual trust between the makeup artist and the client
    • Discovering and identifying the nine personalities of a woman
  • Makeup is a visual trick
    • Study of the many forms of the face
    • Study of the features of the face
  • Color theory
    • The color theory (degree and intensity)
    • Primary colors
    • Definition and use of tools
  • Eyebrows technique
    • Face lines
    • Correcting eyebrows shape
    • Changing the face shape by working on eyebrows
    • Eyebrow filling, redrawing and combing
    • Eyebrows shape with respect to face form
  • Skin preparation
    • Preparing the skin before applying the cream
    • Skin corrections
    • Around eyes area base
    • Selecting skin cream
    • Powder categories
    • Powder application
    • Blusher application
  • Eyes makeup
    • Eyes line according to the form of the face
    • Lengthening the eyes shape
    • How to apply ‘light-dark’ to the eyelids
    • The shadows color
    • Inner side eyelid makeup
    • Applying artificial eyelashes
    • How to correct the eyes shape through artificial eyelashes
  • Makeup to change the eyes shape
    • Makeup for small eyes shape
    • Makeup small puffy eyes
    • Makeup big puffy eyes
    • Makeup for daily use
  • Lips makeup
    • Preparing lips for makeup
    • Lips contour
    • Color choice
    • Drawing lipstick technique
    • Small lips
    • Big lips
    • Errors that must be avoided
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* KÕMASK makeup products will be provided for practice
* Students can bring their own brush kit or purchase one at the center for AED 1024
* During the class, you can either practice the techniques on yourself, a friend or optionally ask the institute to provide a model (AED 30 per hour)

Validity Period:

All sessions are valid for 4 months upon booking

Age Requirements:

15 and older

Additional Info:

* After the final exam, participants will receive a KHDA-approved professional certificate from Kontar Training Center
* Participants will also receive a 'Komask' 4D Professional makeup certificate, attested by KOMASK INC, Seattle, USA


Kontar Beauty Centre, First Floor
Inside Grand Stores, Abu Dhabi Mall
Al Zahiyah
Abu Dhabi

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