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Soap making classes

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Soap Making Courses available on skilldeer 

Why should I take a soap making course? 

In our globalized world, we require new hobbies to keep us interested in the world. We seek to discover new adventures in the comfort of our homes or designated areas. One aspect of this adventure is making soap.  

We use soap on a daily basis – whether for the body or our hands. However, there’s been a growing increase in learning how soap is made, plus how to add designs for soap. There are countless YouTube videos and TikTok shorts that detail the creation of beautiful, eye-catching soaps that you’ll never forget and that you can use for cleaning. Many people have made successful careers just through making artistic soap.  Discover homemade soap that is fun and easy.

The UAE has started to discover soap making. This exciting hobby has been rising in popularity around the country and offered mostly women a method to earn an income. It brings a community of people together, especially expats to build and maintain life-long friendships. You’ll connect with people you never thought you would and gain a wider understanding of the world and your role in it. Discuss handmade soap and natural soap that uses essential oils. You can even discuss how to market your products.

Before going any further, note that soap making can be quite dangerous. You must wear gloves and safety goggles to protect your eyes and skin from burning. Additionally, soap consists of mostly 2 main ingredients – sodium hydroxide and oil. Mixing them together triggers saponifcation, which leads to a liquid soap that is cooled down to be a solid soap.  

There are 2 forms of soap making – hot process and cold process. Hot process involves heating up the solution to complete the saponification process before the soap goes into the mold. Cold process is the more popular and commonly used process to create soap. It involves no heat to complete the saponification process. 

Other forms include melt and pour, which is readymade soap melted so you can add your own colors and fragrances.  

Why book at skilldeer? 

Our platform offers a wide range of courses that help you connect closer to your hobby – so don’t worry about searching “soap making classes near me”, “soap making classes abu dhabi”, “soap making classes in abu dhabi”, “soap making hobby” - we have it all here! 

What are the different classes you offer? 

At every category page, you’ll see a list of classes. For soap making, this includes: 

Cold Process Soap Making Class: Considered the most popular form of soap making, you’ll make decorative bars of soap that can be decorated for the bathroom and soap for you to wash with! You'll receive step by step instruction from qualified soap makers.

Hot Process Soap Making Class: Typically using a stove for the saponification process, this is an alternative for soap making, especially if you are not into fragrances.  

Melt and Pour Soap Making Class: If you want something more simple, melt and pour readymade, clear bars and decorate them using colorants and fragrances. 

Bath Bombs Class: If you love a bath, try making your own bath bomb! Get insight into how its made.

What kind of classes are available? 

Our platform ensures that you pick the classes that match your requirements. You can find private soap making courses with one-on-one instruction or group classes regardless of age where you can learn alongside friends and make new connections. There are also group classes available. 

Where are your classes available at? 

Our classes are available at a variety of locations across the UAE, especially Abu Dhabi. Many of our classes are held either in group settings or at the comfort of your home, either through the instructor visiting your home or attending soap making workshops from our platform! These locations include Al Danah, Al Ain and more! 

Didn’t find what you’re looking for? 

This is unfortunately a reality! However, you can always book a private class to learn specialized soap making courses. Our customer care team can also help you find the right class. You can contact us at [email protected] for more information. We look forward to hearing from you soon!