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Guitar lessons in Abu Dhabi

Guitar lessons in Abu Dhabi
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Guitar Lessons available on skilldeer 

Why should I take a guitar course? 

The guitar is a versatile instrument that can be played in so many ways, from simple chords and strumming to complex fingerpicking. It can be played as a solo instrument, as part of a band, or as an accompaniment to singing. Guitarists can use a variety of techniques to produce different sounds, such as hammer-ons, pull-offs, vibrato, and bending. 

One of the great things about the guitar is that it can be taken anywhere and played in any setting, from a small room to a large stadium. It is also relatively affordable and easy to learn, making it accessible to people of all ages and skill levels.

Guitars are a popular musical instrument in the UAE and are used in a variety of ways across the country. In recent years, the UAE has seen a rise in local music production, with many artists adding guitars into their music. 

One of the most popular genres of music in the UAE is Arabic pop, which often features electric guitars. Many bands and singers blend Western musical elements into their music, creating a unique blend of traditional Arabic music and contemporary Western sounds. 

In addition to pop music, guitars are also used in traditional Arabic music. The oud, a stringed instrument like a lute, inspired the modern guitar and is still widely used in traditional Arabic music. 

Many musicians in the UAE have learned to play both the oud and the guitar. Combining the two instruments has created a unique sound. Our platform also offers oud lessons for your interests. 

Guitars are also taught heavily as a hobby or as a potential career. Many music schools and conservatories offer guitar lessons, whether your kids are in school and need an extra-curricular, or that they have a desire to be an artist when they grow up. Maybe you’re a fully grown adult and you want to revisit your passion for music. 

Overall, the guitar is a versatile instrument that is used across the UAE. Whether it's pop music, traditional Arabic music, education, or worship, the guitar has found a place in the culture and musical landscape of the UAE. 

Why book at skilldeer? 

Our platform offers a range of guitar courses that can fit your requirements so don’t worry about searching for “beginner electric guitar lessons”, “best online guitar lessons for beginners”, “online guitar lessons for kids”, “best online guitar lessons”, “private guitar lessons abu dhabi”, “private guitar lessons”, “guitar lessons abu dhabi”, “guitar lessons” - we have it all here! 

What are the different classes you offer? 

Guitar Lessons for Beginners: Starting off and don’t know where to start? Our dedicated beginner lessons will help you familiarise yourself with the guitar, the pick, and how to tune the strings and play simple songs. 

Classical Guitar: Typically associated with what is thought of as the original guitar, this is where everyone starts off using before staying with this guitar or trying out other guitars. Its vibrating sound reigns memorable to anyone that hears it. 

Electric Guitar Lessons: Typically associated with technology and the 21st century, this addicting sound has produced some of the best music around the world. As its used by Sum 41, blink-182 and more, its sound brings nostalgia and hope. We have a selection of electric guitar classes that fit your goals. 

Ukelele Lessons: Originally made by the Portuguese and introduced in Hawaii, this tiny guitar-like instrument brings harmony and calmness. 

What kind of classes are available? 

Our platform ensures that you pick the classes that match your requirements. You can find private guitar courses with one-on-one instruction or group classes regardless of age where you can learn alongside friends and make new connections. There are also group classes available.  

Where are your classes available at? 

Our classes are available at a variety of locations across the UAE, especially Abu Dhabi. Many of our classes are held either in group settings or in the comfort of your home, either through the instructor visiting your home or attending guitar classes from our platform! These locations include Al Hosn, Musaffah and more! 

Didn’t find what you’re looking for? 

You can always book a private class to learn specialized guitar courses.

Our customer care team can also help you find the right class. You can contact us at [email protected] for more information. Kindly join our platform.