Chef Charl Reze

Chef Charl Reze

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Chef Charl Fernand Reze (AKA Chef Islam) is a professional chef and culinary arts trainer, who strives to help industry professionals and aspiring cooks unlock their food passion. With a degree in International Culinary Arts and 3 decades of experience, Charl believes food to be one of the ultimate human experiences. It's not only about mastering a technique, but how your creativity touches the essence of a person, how your food speaks to their soul.

He has worked at Award-Winning International Restaurants in Cape Town, London, Algiers, Dubai and has also cooked for the UAE Royal Family in Abu Dhabi. Charl is trained in HACCP, COSHH and relevant food production and food service management techniques.

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3 ratings

Haifa Al Zaabi
Wed, 8 Jun 2022, 7:20PM
"one of the best cooking classes I've took. Chef Islam is so generous with his tips and I gained so much knowledge on cooking "
Iain Shipman
Thu, 12 Aug 2021, 11:09AM
Ayesha Alafeefi
Wed, 17 Feb 2021, 4:43PM
"I enjoyed it, was a gift for my sisters birthday and we had a good time"