Daytime Dive Trip in Fujairah
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Daytime Dive Trip in Fujairah

by Nemo Diving Center

345 AED

(VAT inclusive)

Daytime Dive Trip in Fujairah

345 AED

(VAT inclusive)

Nemo Diving Center
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Tue, 24 May 2022 8:30AM
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Dubai - Flexible
Intermediate & Advanced
Cancellation Policy: 48 hours prior to course start with full refund
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Are you a certified diver looking for your next sea adventure? Explore an amazing underwater hotspot teeming with rich marine life, where you can spend the day discovering untouched reefs and exploring mysterious wrecks.

Start the 4-hour experience with an onboard briefing as you head towards the first dive location. After the first session, you'll bask in the sun and rest as you make your way to the second dive location.

If you require diving certification, its recommended you learn through PADI Open Water Diving and PADI Advanced Open Water Course.

The instructors will choose two locations out of this list, depending on weather conditions:

  • Dibba Rock:
    • A marine protected area on the UAE’s east coast located half a kilometer away from the shore. It consists of beautiful corals, stunning marine life such as reen turtles, devil rays, blacktip reef sharks, and a variety of reef fish such as parrotfish, porcupinefish, lionfish, and pufferfish
  • Sharm Rock:
    • Also known as the Three Sisters or Three Pinnacles, it possesses small outcrops of rocks that peak above the surface and the soft corals that surround them attract a variety of marine life. It's a haven for snappers, jacks, fusiliers, and largemouth mackerel; some of which are irresistible to large tuna that hunt in this area. Other interesting marine creature sightings are lionfish, boxfish, batfish, shrimps, moray eels, turtles, stingrays, and blacktip reef sharks. The whale sharks are some present during the warmer months of the year
  • Martini Rock:
    • It's name was derived from the shape of its rocky pinnacles found under the surface which appears like a martini glass on its side. Noted for its orange, deep purple, and bright yellow soft corals, the turtles love to feed on these eye-catching structures. This site is also home to scorpionfish, pufferfish, lionfish, burrfish, broom tail wrasse, fusiliers, sergeant majors, and bannerfish. In deeper waters, there are possible sightings of colorful hawkfish, Arabian angelfish, and cornetfish. You may also see starfish, sea urchins, seahorses, nudibranchs, barracuda, cuttlefish, and moray eels
  • Hole in the Wall:
    • Located near the Martini Rock site, you'll find a hole just large enough for a diver to swim through. Good buoyancy control will come in handy when you maneuver into the hole.
  • Inchcape 1:
    • The remains of a boat originally called Gray Swift 2. When the vessel was decommissioned, it was purposely sunk to create an artificial reef that lies 30 meters under the sea. You may spot yellow jacks, pufferfish, pennant fish, soldierfish, snappers, boxfish, red big eyes, moray eels, and barracuda at this wreck
  • Inchcape 2:
    • Another vessel purposely sunk in 2002. 22 meters below and covered by yellow, pink, and purple corals, you'll take a close look at the railings and ropes for signs of crabs. You might also encounter moray eels, scorpionfish, little boxfish, and small creatures like nudibranchs

Skill Level:

Intermediate & Advanced


  • Participants must bring their own food
  • Participants must bring their own diving gear. Optionally, diving gear can be arranged for a fee of AED 50

Cancellation Policy:

48 hours prior to course start with full refund

Age Requirements:

18 and older

Additional Info:

  • Participants must know how to swim
  • Participants must already be certified divers

  • Pick up from Dubai can be arranged for an additional fee of AED 140 per person (pick up time between 6 am - 7 am for the 8:30am sessions only)

  • Participants need to be in reasonable physical health and are required to sign a medical questionnaire before the class starts
  • The sessions can be rescheduled in case of unfavorable weather conditions for safety reasons. Rescheduling due to weather conditions will not affect your learning hours


Royal Beach Hotel & Resort
Al Faqueet, Dibā
Al Fujairah
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7 ratings

achraf bethi
Tue, 26 Jun 2018, 12:00PM
Review on the class: PADI Open Water Diving
"Great course to learn diving"
Mon, 3 Sep 2018, 4:53PM
Review on the class: Experience Scuba Diving in Dubai
"Great instructor. Was worth it. Did fun stuff like feeding fish under water."
Luke Quiampang
Sat, 8 Dec 2018, 1:58PM
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